A new digital presence for VH1 on the iOS platform

With a brand worthy of reaching more than 99 million house holds in the US alone, VH1 is a force to be reckoned with as a hub for entertainment around music, celebrities and pop culture. As their presence on television evolves, so too does their existence on mobile devices. As such, an application that efficiently surfaced available content was created.

A simplified search experience

Previously, search functionality in the VH1 application provided users with a list format of results that returned matched, or included, search terms. The best case scenario led users to a single result, while the worst case scenario lead to the possibility of hundreds. In order to create a pathway to exploration, while simultaneously simplifying search query results, the search functionality evolved to provide focus on a users intent.

Beautiful displays at any size

One day, hopefully, applications will be developed with as much flexibility and responsive methodology as making a web page. Until then, proper planning for each device is required. In order to seamlessly present UI elements, layouts were determined by their smallest and largest counterparts in order to properly suggest a cohesive platform across all iPhone + iPad devices.

Putting all the pieces together

Each module was visually configured in a way that spoke to the VH1 brand. In order to convey the same energetic tone as VH1's fun and exciting content, a vibrant exploration of colors was employed for visual hierarchy within the many facets of the applications framework.

Now available on the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad

But the journey is far from over. From improved playback to personalization and beyond, there is much to be learned by listening to feedback from users and analyzing the product for areas of improvement. Follow the evolution by downloading the VH1 application on the Apple Store.

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