Crafting a modern and timeless identity for David Lerner

We live in an era where content is virtually everywhere and brands come and go with the trends of the year. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to stay relevant on such a playing field. In essense, one should seek to be timeless and true to the roots of one's craft. This, in and of itself, led to the creation of a unique identity for David Lerner.

A system of design that reflects the quality of products offered

David Lerner needed an identity that reflected his attention to detail, the precision of his cutting edge design, and the quality of his collections. In the aftermath of his requests, I was tasked with creating said identity, exploring photographic direction, as well as establishing the look and feel of his lookbook for future clientele.

It's all in the details

Exploring the geometric shapes that determined the David Lerner identity proved to be useful. The brand was capable of aligning itself with the look & feel of its modern counterparts through the delicacies of photography and a classical implementation. This, of course, helped to elevate the prestige the identity demanded.

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