Time Inc.'s world-wide licensing and syndication capabilities

Maintaining a network of nearly 138 million U.S. consumers on mobile, print and online applications is no easy task. At Time Inc., the Licensing & Syndication department is responsible for maintaining and expanding the reach of its brand on a global scale.

Conveying an
international presence

With 21 U.S. and 5 regional magazines on the market, Time Inc. stands as one of the most trusted brands in the world for entertainment, lifestyle, and business. However, the journey never ends for their global collaborations. As such, the licensing & Syndication department at Time Inc. continues to perservere and a document that emobied their goals was created for distribution.

Breathing life into the
facts of distribution

At times, looking at the purity of data can be uninteresting until visualized. However, stylistically aligning the visuals to their intended message heightened the brands ability to communicate their story.

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