Take learning to the
next level with Flocabulary

For nearly a decade, Flocabulary has been a service reaching millions of students in more than 20,000 schools around the world. With a library of animated music-driven original content spanning across genres and topics, it’s no surprise their web application would evolve into a mobile platform for further engagement.

Developing an appropriate
approach for children and adults

In order to increase engagement around subscriptions, content discovery, and other subject specific assets, an intuitive interactive platform was prototyped and deployed. After user testing said prototype with Flocabulary’s target audience, the applications pathways were refined to ensure optimal usability.

Constructing an out of
this world user interface

After reviewing wireframes and interactive prototypes, an efficient interface was arranged for design and development. Through thoughtful use of motion, color, and positive reinforcement, a digital experience worthy of appealing to children of all ages was designed.

Bringing education to
new heights on iOS and Android

From unique videos that enlighten and delight, to challenges that enforce the retention of terminology, Flocabulary is a sure fire way to impress the classroom and stimulate the minds of our next generation. Start your fun filled educational journey today by downloading the mobile application.

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